It takes some professional instruction and a little help from a pre-sketched canvas, but yes, you too can become an artist. Well, a little wine and cheese on the side helps too!

I was so excited that my niece decided to spend her 21st birthday here in Arizona. Being the dutiful aunt I am, I began forming an itinerary of fun things to keep us all occupied during their stay. Since I’d been wanting to try the wine and paint parties I’d been hearing about, I reserved us a spot at The Art of Merlot in Old Town Scottsdale. Their website says they encourage students to use their creative side. Since I was absent when creative sides were given out, I thought I’d do my best and at least get a good laugh out of  whatever my creative-absent side produced.

When you register for your group you also choose a particular painting each one would like to work on. We were told we could bring snacks of our choice and of course, wine. Hmmm, at least I could get creative in setting up the charcuterie and cheese table I was planning. Carrying enough bags of snacks to feed an army and a few bottles of the vino, we set off for a fun night of trying something new.

Spoiler alert…I actually turned out something I’m sorta proud of, and found a new hobby. What a shocker!! The evening turned out to be a few hours everyone enjoyed while having dinner with wine, and brought home their own personal masterpiece. Scottsdale, have I told you lately how much I love you!