Thankfully my niece fully took over the reigns of many failed attempts at a Cousins week-end away and it was a smashing success! Her daughter was graduating Point Park University in Pittsburgh and she thought it might spark an interest in corraling everyone. It worked. Another reason it may have worked was whenever she sent out info emails she titled it, ‘Cousins Take Over Pittsburgh’. (She’s a marketing genius)

Most all of the cousins (who are second cousins) and their moms (who are first cousins) live in NJ except my daughters and I, who are in Arizona. Even though it was a cross country flight for a mere week-end get together, we decided it was worth it and booked our flights.

Not only did my niece make the arrangements, she also planned an exceptional itinerary. Since there were so many of us I figured there was no way we’d all take part in every activity. Wrong…every one of us was present and accounted for at every turn, even the breakfasts which was quite a feat considering there were 12 of us in total. There was also the graduate’s performance, several dinners, some shopping and the pinnacle of our time together — the Party Pedaler. Now, sadly I have to go on record as being totally against this, thinking that you pedaled from bar to bar drinking beer. Not so with this pedal pushing cart. The participants get to bring on their beverages of choice and the driver gives them a tour of the city. Hmmm, maybe it won’t be so bad. I mean, after all I got to bring along my own container of homemade ‘sissy’ margaritas.

April 2019

Pamela’s Diner, Crepes
Peace Love and Little Donuts

Pittsburgh Party Pedaler