On the advice of our hotel bartender while in Carolina Beach, we visited Ocean Grill and Tiki Bar for lunch, great drinks and an ocean view, as she promised all 3. Well, she was true to her word. We got all she promised and then some.

It’s a little awkward getting here as you have to park across the street and then sort of follow a maze to the entrance. Note that there are 2 outdoor seating areas…in a partly enclosed section leading to the Pier and then there is the Pier itself. Treat yourself and go to the Pier if the weather allows. There is an outdoor tiki bar there where you can also order food.

The drinks and food were perfect. Since it was early I wanted a super light margarita and requested half-alcohol. I know, I know, even on vacation I’m a lightweight! Served with it’s rim salted, I must say it was one of the best margaritas I’ve ever had. I was even tempted to order another but then quickly reminded myself that it was still before 12 noon lol. The food was equally as good as the drinks. Super fresh crab cakes and crisp salads were enjoyed with our drinks. Our time there was nicely rounded out by an attentive waiter and the sound of seagulls and waves…neither one of us wanted to leave! We finally tore ourselves from our seats and let another couple enjoy what we just had. It was only fair to share J