Boise was really nothing like I had imagined. I’m not sure why, but I thought there really wasn’t much going on there that I’d enjoy. Well, thank you Boise for teaching me a lesson or two! (I just love when unexpected travel does that) The downtown area was really a vibrant scene with coffee shops, outdoor eateries, great restaurants, even parks with walking paths surrounding rivers. We took all of it in during our 2 days there since a trip to Payette Lake in McCall was planned for the remainder of our stay. (See my reviews here – ) Lucky for us Vic’s nephew who we were visiting, is a party planner and put together a jam packed itinerary to make the most of our trip. Kudos to you, Bob!

payette lake mccall idaho

After a beautifully scenic several hour car ride to McCall, we arrived at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites. Yet another surprise, as I expected a typical Holiday Inn. Wrong again, Donna. Instead it was more of a lovely log cabin lodge nestled in the pine trees. The next time I visit McCall (and trust me there will be a next time) I won’t even bother looking elsewhere.

After a restful night we started out the next morning with a full breakfast at a restaurant across the street, called The Pancake House. A friend of Vic’s told him we absolutely had to go there so we did. They pride themselves in serving mammoth-sized breakfast and lunches in a gorgeous rustic mountain lodge… and believe me, they delivered. The only negative I have to say about it is we weren’t in McCall long enough to have another meal there.

With happy full stomachs we worked our way down to Payette Lake where our host had booked an afternoon on a pontoon boat. What a great afternoon on the water. We brought drinks and lunch aboard and relaxed for the next few hours while exploring that beautiful lake from one end to the other.

I must admit to daydreaming that I owned one of the gorgeous lake homes we passed by with their small beachfronts at the water’s edge and huge wall to ceiling windows. And you know, that’s the thing I love about travel. It can fill your mind with images and memories like this one to download and dream about at a later time. Maybe a time like now, when COVID has restricted travel; maybe a time when we’re going through money struggles; maybe a time when we’re faced with one of life’s unexpected hardships. Yup, that’s surely what I love about travel.

After seeing that smidgen of what Idaho has to offer, I must say I cannot wait to return. Return to Boise, to McCall, to Lake Payette and to discover new places which I’m sure there are plenty. New Years in Sun Valley? Count me in!