McCall, lovely McCall…how did not know about you?? It took a trip to Boise and a travel loving nephew that finally got me there, thank God!

After the beautiful scenic drive from Boise we unpacked our bags and checked into the most unexpected Holiday Inn I’ve ever stayed at. Don’t expect the ordinary here… it’s more of a lovely log cabin lodge nestled in the pine trees. With clean typical rooms the hotel also offered a gym, indoor pool and free breakfast. Not sure how that was since we were anxious to try out area breakfast spots, but we did enjoy a cup of the coffee.

All of the front desk workers very pleasant and we felt especially safe as we traveled during COVID. All protocol measures were taken with care. The location was perfect as we were planning a boat ride on the lake. It was just a few minutes drive to both the lake and town.

The next time I visit McCall (and trust me there will be a next time) I won’t even bother looking elsewhere. I highly recommend staying here.