How do I love our backyard garden…let me count the ways.
I mean, I could go on forever.

First and foremost it has taught me how you can  plant a seed, care for it, then eventually enjoy every delicious bite it lovingly yields. Proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Now I pass that on down to my grandkids. I will forever have the memory of my grandson Vincent giving me a strawberry plant one Mother’s day and how he proudly now presents me with ripe strawberries — one by one. Or how my husband lets him pick the tomatoes that are ripe and the smile he has when bringing them into the kitchen to me.


I mean…just look at that face!

Secondly, I love serving up a meal to my guests after showing them the garden and what I’ve used from it for their meal. It always brings ‘oohs and aahs’, which I shamefully must admit I enjoy 😉


Lastly, it gives me such satisfaction on a busy morning to run out to the yard, choose a quick and healthy side to my eggs or toast, then come back to the kitchen and have it literally ready within minutes.



So thanks to my husband who tirelessly works on our garden, ensuring we have healthy and delicious produce at our fingertips at a moment’s notice…even in the desert! Yeah, I think I’ll keep him.