Better On a Bagel is clearly my #1 bagel ‘go to’ when I’m in Jersey! Yes, the parking at this Browertown Rd.  establishment in Woodland Park, NJ is horrendous, but who cares when you can get a great meal and amazing bagels all at a great price.

Now that I live in Phx I make a beeline to Better on a Bagel every time I go back to NJ. Yes, Jersey knows their bagels, but this place goes above and beyond any ordinary bagel shop. First with their breakfast specials — which include delicious fried-to-perfection potato coins — and their cooked to order lunch specials which are even better.

For breakfast, you know I always order the taylor ham, egg and bagel special :) It comes with several slices of the wonderful greasy salty pink meat all good New Jerseyans crave, 2 eggs, fried potatoes, and of course, a bagel. I usually go with poppy. And the best part is, Kenny knows I like my bagels ‘insides out’ (the doughy interior removed).

For lunch I always go for one of the specials. The grilled chicken and broccoli rabe is my fave, with everything else running a close 2nd. Everything is prepared the minute you order it, no prepping in advance here. This means your chicken is juicy and hot as is the rabe.

What could possibly make this place any better? Good coffee, and they have that covered too! Hot coffee, hot chocolate and cappuccino all on tap. I mix all 3 for an out of this world pick me up. I really love this place…can you tell?