Whenever I’m in a beach town I always crave seafood, probably because I don’t serve it at home often, and fresh fish isn’t that accessible in Phoenix. Or…maybe its just the ocean air that gets the craving going.

pacific beach fish shopEither way I felt we were in for a nice treat as we were met with the fresh fish case upon entering The Pacific Beach Fish Shop.

I barely skimmed the menu before choosing the crab cakes. To me, a seafood restaurant isn’t worth their weight in salt if their fish cakes — whether they’re crab cakes or shrimp cakes — don’t contain healthy sized pieces of fresh fish. Luckily the Fish Shop came through!

It was also served with a very unique tangy lemon tartar sauce — not the usual pickle mayo variety…points for that!

I wasn’t the only happy clam at our table. (no pun intended, well…, maybe just a little.) Everyone dug into their fish n’chips, ahi tuna and fish of the day with nothing but praise. Of particular note were their sides of french fries and onion rings. The crisp on them was overwhelming, just how we all like them. I, of course, opted for the onion rings and cannot recall having better. The onions were unusually tender and the coating super crispy — what a winning combo!

pacific beach fish shop

Pacific Beach Fish Shop is definitely on the ‘return to’ list whenever I find myself in the mood for fresh fish — and outrageous onion rings — when in San Diego.