After my last big splurge let-down while on Coronado Iland, ( 1500 Ocean – Big Tab…Bigger Disappointment ) I thought it best to keep my restaurant choices a little more low-key on this visit. Taking a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ attitude I simply searched my phone to see which establishments were closest to me while walking the island’s lovely streets.  Well the name Nicky Rottens seemed unassuming enough, so I crossed over 1 block to see what they had to offer. Little did I know we were in for the burger treat of our lives.

We chose bar stool seats that gave us a street and partial water view. It was a gorgeous day and this gave us the best of both worlds — we could also watch the game that was on. So half of us ordered burgers (the smart half as it turns out), and half of us went healthy with a cobb salad. Although the salad turned out to be a nice selection, the burgers raised the roof. ..seriously. Note to self — when the words ‘Bar and Burger Joint’ are in the name, make a smart move, forget the calories and order a burger for crying out loud!

Make sure to upgrade to the garlic fries, they were so well worth it. Go when your fave teams are playing as its loud and there are lots of TVs. OK, it ended up a tad expensive (outrageous burger, upgraded fries and beer for $40 per couple) but when you’re in Coronado its hard to escape the big bill.