Funny story how I actually ended up in Lupa one sunny afternoon while walking the streets of New York. My husband and I were actually looking for a small Cuban restaurant that was recommended to us on Thompson Street. We weren’t 100% sure, but we thought its name was Lupe, so when we ran into Lupa we thought we found it. No, we didn’t find the Cuban place, but we sure did find ‘it’!

We quickly realized we were in the wrong place when we opened the menu and saw such Italian delicacies as baccala and braciola. But I’m sure, as we’ve all discovered at one time or another, the wrong place can quickly turn out to be the right one. We decided to take our chances and stay… and sometimes even I can make a great decision.

After thoroughly enjoying the antipasto appetizer I dove into my Ricotta Gnocchi with Sausage & Fennel. Don’t quite know why I ordered this as I’m not a huge fan of gnocchi, but again, another great decision. It turned out to be the best I’ve ever eaten with its light texture and tight sausage sauce.

My husband wanted to be daring and caved into his baccala passion. He also said this was the best he’d ever eaten.

Upon coming home and looking further into this wonderful find of a restaurant, we learned that it was opened under the partnership of Mario Batali, Joseph Bastianich, Mark Ladner and Jason Denton. The four men wanted to open a casual restaurant specializing in Roman trattoria fare of the highest quality at a moderate price. I’m happy to report that they succeeded on all counts. Hey its a tough job…but somebody has to do it.