So I asked myself …Self, how can you travel through CT on a New England road trip without stopping in Mystic for a slice of the famous pie? The answer was I can’t! And so we did.

This establishment claims it is “Undoubtedly, the most famous pizzeria in the world!” While that may be true, it is by far not the most delicious pizza in the world.

Made famous after the release of the 1988 movie starring Julia Roberts, this little pizza shop could barely keep up with demand. Customers lined the sidewalk, waiting to taste “A Slice of Heaven.” Menus and matchbooks disappeared in amazing quantities. Outside on Main Street, cars dangerously avoided the pizza fans who straddled the yellow lines, angling for photos. Well, by the time I got there in 2009 we were just about the only ones in the dining room. I guess word got out that their pizza is just mediocre.

We thought to properly give their pizza a fair chance we’d order it in its purest form — a simple cheese pie, as well as something a little different — the cheese steak pie. The former was better than the latter as the cheese steak proved to be just too heavy. When it comes to several ingredients on a pie, I believe less is more.  We also ordered an appetizer but I just can’t seem to remember what it was… a sure sign that it wasn’t memorable :)

But when it is all said and done, I can add this under my belt of famous eateries visited. Even if the food wasn’t memorable, at least it was fun.