mmmmm…Mother’s Day — my favorite time of the year. Why, you ask? Because I have an awesome family who takes me to T. Cook’s Mother’s Day Brunch every year, of course!

Their signature brunch paying homage to moms everywhere just can’t get any better. I mean, although the price tag is a little steep at $75 per person, you just won’t find a better value, especially at an upscale resort.

t. cook's brunch buffetLet’s start at the beginning with the ridiculous selections at the buffet. A section of breads, muffins and homemade parmesan crisps. (I could have made a meal out of those wonderful crisps alone). Next came beautiful fresh fruits of all shapes, sizes and colors. Onto cheeses (soft & hard) and dried meats and salamis.  Let’s not forget the assortment of perfectly char-grilled vegetables. And now… onto the piece de resistance — did I spell that right? — the seafood selection! Smoked salmon with all the breakfast fixins, crab legs and shrimp the size of my head! Not to mention the velvety orange crab louis sauce on the side. Again, a meal in itself. But wait, that was just to whet the appetite.

t. cooks restaurantOut come the menus — whaaaat? I already had to loosen my top button! Oh well, it is after all, Mother’s Day.

Never one to offend a hard working pastry chef, I ordered their Puff Pastry filled with vegetables and cheeses which arrived floating in a pool of sun dried tomato cream. It had a french name which for the life I cannot remember and cannot find it, as the Mothers Day Brunch menu isn’t posted. In a word — divine. The pastry was tender and buttery and it was filled with a perfect mix of creamy vegetables. But for me,  its always about the pastry first and foremost and this light and airy one was a winner.


t. cook's dessertsOK, now don’t judge me for having to mosey on over to the dessert buffet but you know that dieting on the week-end is strictly off limits! So why not sample 1 of everything? Sounds good to me. The only problem was that they were so delicious I polished off every one — this plate never stood a chance! If I had to choose an absolute favorite, it would be the chocolate triangle filled with a delicate almond cream — reminded me of chocolate marzipan.

So here I am, a full 3 days after my Mother’s Day Heaven on Earth, and still daydreaming about the flavors of this brunch…now that’s what you call a memorable meal.