Ever find yourself in Key West with a hankering for fresh Cuban food? On our third consecutive summer in Florida’s Keys, we found ourselves wandering its streets looking for a restaurant that a friend instructed we simply must visit – El Siboney. I normally seek out seafood when traveling on any coast, so I figured they must have a paella that would fit the bill.

cuban food in key westSo we set out on foot in search of Catherine Street, which only ended up being a pleasant few blocks from Duval Street. We arrived at an ordinary looking brick building and hoped the inside would bring better things to the palette. After scouring the menu my mouth started to water while in the pork section. Instead of asking myself if it would be the paella or the grilled grouper, I was considering if it should be the roast pork or the fried pork chunks.

I decided on the latter which didn’t disappoint. But the real star of this show ended up being the fried plantains and homemade sangria which we still talk about to this day. We’ve since instructed others to go there when in Key West without hesitation. Its never let anyone down.