Aaah the pleasures of starting off the day with breakfast outside. Now that I live in Arizona I start almost every morning that way but especially look forward to it on week-ends when everyone can have the first meal of the day together.

Plus I always think that the pressure is off when when you gather for breakfast, especially if its outside. There’s no need for the oven and all 4 burners to be going — most of our breakfasts al fresco begin with already prepared foods like bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, assorted jams, fruit and maybe 1 egg or prepared dish. The key here is the presentation. Always use your best plates, bread basket & cloth and of course, your reserved cutting board that has no cut marks :)

The best part of a week-end breakfast al fresco are the people that will be gathering around the outdoor table sipping coffee and sharing the week’s happenings. Another cup of joe anyone?