• 5 fresh squeezed Blood Oranges, or enough to make 1 cup juice
  • 1/2 cup vodka
  • 1/8 cup Triple Sec ** See note

What usually inspires me to blog a recipe is an experience I had with the food in question. Who I was with, where I was, how I felt, you know…the memory associated with the food, or in this case, the drink.

It was our first time in La Jolla, CA and I couldn’t wait to check into our room which was right on the beach. As we were checking in I saw the menu posted in front of the hotel’s restaurant — also beach front. So, true to form, I had to check it out as soon as we dropped our bags off. It just so happened that we were right in the middle of  Happy Hour (what great timing) and their signature drink was — you guessed it — the Blood Orange Martini! After being on the road for 6 hours I was more than ready to try this lovely peach colored libation. So we sat at our beach-front table, listened to the waves and indulged in our drinks and nothing more than bar snacks. Who knew such simple things could make such a memory… I couldn’t wait to get home and re-create it.

**Note: Do not be tempted, as I was, to substitute a better quality orange liquer such as Grand Marnier. Its strong flavor completely took over the unique taste of the blood orange juice.

1. What you will need:

blood orange martini ingredients

2. Squeeze the oranges to make 1 cup of juice (I find that 5 always do the job)

blood orange martini

blood orange martini

3. Measure in other ingredients, shake with ice in martini shaker, strain into martini glass and garnish with orange peel. Sit back, smile and thoroughly enjoy…don’t fight it, it’s been a long day.

blood orange martini