What better reason for a party than a Housewives premiere — particularly the Real Housewives of  New Jersey. It not only gave us an excuse to enjoy our favorite foods with a glass of wine, but to put on our best party duds as well! And how appropriate that Teresa’s new cookbook was the subject matter of the opening show? It’s a joke, get it…haha! I don’t think so Teresa!

OK, so for the menu  I had to start and end with my all-time favorites — my Mozarella Salami & Basil RollUps and Deep Chocolate Mousse. Believe me, there is no mousse more chocolatey than this one in existence. (Hint, I use Belgian Bittersweet chocolate) So rich and creamy I served it in appetizer spoons. OK,  we each had a few, but hey it was a special night.

 Link to recipes from our Premiere Party below.

 mozzarella cheese recipe