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carolina beach nc

Carolina Beach – A Small Beach Worth the Trip

In Blog, Carolina Beach, North Carolina, Travel & Restaurants On October 7, 2020 0 Comments

So yes I’ve been finding myself traveling to North Carolina quite often since my daughter and her family moved there 2 years ago. This time was to help… Read More »

How Boise ID Taught Me A Lesson

In Boise, Idaho, Travel & Restaurants On October 7, 2020 0 Comments

Boise was really nothing like I had imagined. I’m not sure why, but I thought there really wasn’t much going on there that I’d enjoy. Well, thank you… Read More »


The Grilled Sandwich

In Blog On July 27, 2017 0 Comments

The grilled sandwich…oh the wonderful simplicity of of it all in its crunchy, melty, gooey wonderfulness. Can you tell I like grilled sandwiches? They can be as simple… Read More »


In Blog, Desserts On July 27, 2017 0 Comments

Ingredients: 3 Tbs. butter 2 cups flour 2/3 cup sugar 2 eggs 2 tsp. bk. powder 1 tsp. vanilla x 1 cup almond or other nut 1 egg… Read More »

marinara sauce

Marinara Sauce

In Blog, Italian On July 27, 2017 0 Comments

When you say ‘red sauce’ to an Italian it can mean 2 things… Sunday gravy. Made in a large pot on Sunday only, it takes several hours and… Read More »


My Dream California Road Trip ( Part 2)

In Blog, Travel & Restaurants On June 28, 2017 0 Comments

PART 2 Thanks to SPG points I had hanging around, we were happy to check into our room at The Sheraton at Fisherman’s Wharf, which was quite large… Read More »


My Dream California Road Trip (Part 1)

In Blog, Travel & Restaurants On May 30, 2017 0 Comments

Since I was in my 30’s back when I lived in New Jersey, a California road trip was always somewhere on my unwritten bucket list. When life and… Read More »


For the Love of a Garden

In Blog On May 23, 2017 0 Comments

How do I love our backyard garden…let me count the ways. I mean, I could go on forever. First and foremost it has taught me how you can  plant… Read More »

rabbit stew

White Wine Braised Rabbit

In Blog, Entrees, Italian On January 28, 2013 0 Comments

OK, OK, before you get yourself all worked up in a tizzy about eating wild rabbit, I ask that you consider a few things. 1. I’m always looking… Read More »

My #1 Bagel ‘Goto’ When I’m in NJ

In Blog, New Jersey On January 15, 2013 0 Comments

Better On a Bagel is clearly my #1 bagel ‘go to’ when I’m in Jersey! Yes, the parking at this Browertown Rd.  establishment in Woodland Park, NJ is… Read More »