Who would ever think you can find a farm in Scottsdale Az where you can buy basket loads of fresh seasonal produce, a fabulous breakfast and enjoy the outdoors with the family?? Believe it or not it’s there.

Contrary to popular belief Arizona has a handful of wonderful farms. My personal favorite is Singh Farms, located on E. Thomas Road in Scottsdale.


Their farmers market on the premises is where they sell freshly harvested produce, dips, oils, honeys and jams — even local MJ bread. You can also find local flour products among the delicious array of offerings. It should be no surprise that my favorite part of Singh Farms is their small but mighty cafe which often stars whatever seasonal produce they’re harvesting at the moment. I’ve had some over-the-top delicious breakfasts there and they’re actually healthy with all of the greenery in there….well, almost healthy.

It’s also a great place to take the kids. You shop and eat, they get exercise and play in the fresh air on the plentiful grounds. Truly a win-win for a fun Saturday!