Outrageous Meatball Subs

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So lately when I want to take an existing recipe of mine over the top, I search online for the ‘best *** recipe’ — in this case it… Read More »

Cousins Take Over Pittsburgh

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Thankfully my niece fully took over the reigns of many failed attempts at a Cousins week-end away and it was a smashing success! Her daughter was graduating Point… Read More »

How I Became an Artist at The Art of Merlot

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It takes some professional instruction and a little help from a pre-sketched canvas, but yes, you too can become an artist. Well, a little wine and cheese on… Read More »

Singh Farms for Delicious Family Fun

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Who would ever think you can find a farm in Scottsdale Az where you can buy basket loads of fresh seasonal produce, a fabulous breakfast and enjoy the… Read More »

Beefy Butternut Chili

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I totally stole this fantastic chili recipe straight from Sunny Anderson of Food Network’s, The Kitchen. I watched her make it one Saturday morning and it looked so… Read More »

Mediterranean Mixed Grill

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4 boneless skinless chicken Breasts (or 2 large), cut into chunks 1 large red pepper, de-seeded and cut into rings 1 large onion, cut into thick slices 2… Read More »

Sunday Gravy

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Growing up with a Sicilian dad, my mom (a red-headed Irish lassie) was the best Italian cook I knew — my aunts on my dad’s side even all… Read More »

Pancake House McCall ID

The Pancake House, McCall ID

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A friend of Vic’s knew we were going to McCall and told him we absolutely had to go to a breakfast spot where the pancakes were bigger than… Read More »

Holiday Inn Express & Suites, McCall ID

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McCall, lovely McCall…how did not know about you?? It took a trip to Boise and a travel loving nephew that finally got me there, thank God! After the… Read More »

safe COVID travel

How I Safely Traveled During COVID

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Like so many others after March, 2020 my vacation plans for the upcoming summer were immediately derailed by a pandemic known as COVID-19. Besides the life-altering effects it… Read More »